To People Who Want To Create Coloring Products But Can't Get Started...We've Got Something For You!

Stunning Done For Your Journals That You'd Be Proud To Put Your Name On

Why Buy Done For You Journals?

  • Earn money faster with products that are already created.  
  • You could have your first journal up on your site within hours.
  • At last!  Now you can quickly and easily  build a coloring business.

 You Can Save Money and Time

Without Spending Hours Creating Your Own Designs!

Do you remember what it felt like when you were sitting in front of a computer screen struggling to design a xxx coloring product that people would use and love?  You wanted a page to turn out just right, but it never turned out the way you imagine it to.  Do you remember the feeling of frustration because you know how lucrative the coloring niche is and you want to create beautiful coloring books?

I know what it is like to sit there and struggle to create the journals you want or the eCovers everyone else it seems is doing so easily.  Thankfully I have partnered with Bonnie Gean who is able to put together graphics that are stunning.  Not only can she do the designs for mandalas and patterns, but she also knows how to combine them into a journal.

And we are giving you access to done for you journals.

These journals are for people who want to get up and running with a coloring business, but they either do not have the know how or time to get the designs created themselves.  You'll get professional designs with these done for you products.

You'll find that they are easily to brand and put your name on as the author, so you won't have to worry about that either.

Imagine how much easier life would be if you didn't have to stress about creating the journals yourself.  All you have to do is upload them to a store and start making sales.  Finally you'll be able to get in this booming coloring niche with a product of your own!

If you're like me you're always looking for shortcuts to help you get you to where you want to be in your business and that is exactly what these journals are for you...a shortcut.  You won't have to create anything from scratch.

By purchsing these done for you journals you’ll get the following benefits:

Product To Market Quicker

The simple truth is that these are already completed and you have very little work to get them ready to put on your website.

Visitors Will Love the Journals As an Opt In 

Unique opt in for people that are on your site and want to get newsletters from you.  They will appreciate such an opt in.

Can Offer a Bundle of Journals For Higher Price

Offer not just one of the journals, but bundle them up and give them a discount on a few of your journals.

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Here's What You’ll Get...

  • Two Pleasing Patterns Journals
  • Two Marvelous Mandala Journals               
  • Four eCover Layout Graphics
  • PSD Files 

What You Can Do With These Done For You Journals!

  • Sell these as gratitude journals on your own website.
  • Use them as an opt in for your website (these work in many niches).
  • Give them away to your current email subscribers
  • Print them off and use them yourself
  • Add Bible Verses in them and create a study bible

With the Marvelous Mandalas and Pleasing Patterns Journals the sky is the limit to your imagination of what you can do with these.  You can even take them to a printer and have them print them if you're a local business.

More Details About What You'll Get:

Two Pleasing Patterns Journals

Inside each journal you'll find 25 patterns.

  • Bonnie Gean has made these journals easy to customize for the angle that you'd like to give it.  Including inspiration, gratitude, bible verses, writing prompts.
  • You can search high and low, but you won't find any other designs like these.
  • Done For You Journals is the quick and easy way to earn money faster and your customers will enjoy these well laid out journals.

Two Marvelous Mandalas Journals

Keep Your Journals Interesting With Options

  • People like choices and the more products you have the more chance they will get to buy your products.
  • These are consumable, so people will keep coming back after they fill one journal completely - they'll need another one.

Four eCover Layout Graphics

People Do Judge a Book By It's Cover...

So you need to make sure that you have fantastic covers to catch the eye of your customers.  With the covers Bonnie Gean created you won't have to worry about giving the wrong first impression.

Take a Look at These Stunning Journals!

The Adult Coloring Designs PLR - Pleasing Pattern Journals and Marvelous Mandala Journals are only going to be discounted for 3 days. Right now you'll be able to pick it up for a bargain at only $47 - buy your copy today.

Get Instant Access to Your Journals Once Purchased!

You'll get instant access to the Adult Coloring Book Designs of the Pleasing Pattern Journals and Marvelous Mandala Journals that you order! It doesn't matter if you purchase it at 2 o'clock in the morning or in the afternoon. You'll get them.

Any PLR That You Purchase From Us is Non Refundable.

Terms of Use:

[YES] You may edit and brand the images.

[YES] You can enjoy them for your personal use.

[YES] You can use them as opt-in incentives or bonuses.

[YES] You may give them away as gifts or sell them for a profit.

[YES] You may use the designs for print works such as mugs, mouse pads, and T-shirts.

[YES] You can add them as content to a PAID membership site, but NOT a PLR membership site.

[YES] You can compile the images into several books, card decks, or postcards.

[NO] Can offer Private Label Rights.

[NO] Can offer Master Resell Rights.

[NO] Can offer Resell Rights.

[NO] Can share the source files with others.

[NO] Can be sold on Auction sites.

[NO] Can be sold on Amazon.

Thank you!

April Lemarr

Bonnie Gean