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51 Home Free Media Shop Credits

Inspiration and tools for your life and business

HomeFreeMedia has a wide selection of PLR, Inspirational Graphics, and tools to keep your business moving forward.


51 HFM Credits will allow you to select your choice of $51 in products from Norma's shop. 

She adds more each week to inspire your business with awesome ready to use content!

Private Label Rights

Norma Allen Esler

Meet Norma:

Norma has been doing business online since 1997 and loves to inspire people with Inspirational Graphics, Ready to Use PLR Content, and other helpful tools for a better life and business.

WordPress Plugin Review PLR Bundle

 Start recommeding the best plugins for backups, e-commerce, social sharing, security, and speed.

Courtney is constantly asked about the best plugins for backups, e-commerce, social sharing, security, and speed. So she took her knowledge of WordPress and plugins and wrote reviews of 6 plugins she routinely recommends and now she's making them available for you.

You probably get asked the same types of questions and now you can use these reviews to help provide the answers. 

This bundle comes complete with PLR rights, meaning you are free to edit it and brand it as your own!

Private Label Rights

Courtney Chowning

Meet Courtney:

Hi! My name is Courtney and I’m the owner of BrandableTech, a PLR resource for all things tech related. I’ve been working online in one capacity or another since 2008 and absolutely love all things tech. In addition to running BrandableTech, I also enjoy teaching people how to use technology to better their business and offer tech support services as well. 

Fitness Motivation Content Bundle + Content Guides

Practical, high quality content with private label rights that saves you time and effort.

This content bundle includes PLR content that is useful for those in the Health/Fitness or Self Help Industry. I’ve put together something very special for you. This unique combination of products and resources are not available anywhere else.


In this bundle you'll get access to:


Fitness Motivation Content Bundle.


  • 5 articles (more than 500 words each)
  • An ebook version
  • Hand-picked royalty free images

A copy of Repurpose and Profit. This guide will give you 50 ideas and a

content planning worksheet.

Private Label Rights

Paris Law

Meet Paris:

I'm a coach, teacher and digital content creator based in Shanghai, China. I'm originally from the Washington DC area. I enjoy helping busy professionals sort out their lives and businesses. I create PLR to help people build their presence and passive income quickly. 

Viral Motivation Minis

Beautifully designed and easy to use.

30 Custom Designed, Full-Page 8x11 motivational mini posters. 

All in editable PowerPoint Format.

Use these in planners, workbooks, printables, journals, even sell them on Amazon...and more.

Beautifully designed and easy to use.

Training Personal Use Only

Includes our publishing training:

-Discover how to get high-quality print resolution in PowerPoint

-Learn how to easily edit and change the fonts used. 

-Quickly and easily find more quotes and sayings you can freely use.

Private Label Rights

Meet Amy & Deb:

Amy and Deb love helping people create multiple income streams with content. They provide a variety of training, tips, strategies and tools to help you make money online with content, publishing, and more.

Managing Stress DFY Content Pack

Completely customizable blog posts, recipes, email messages, social media posts and images for you to use in your business.

With the pack you’ll get fully written, completely customizable blog posts, recipes, email messages, social media posts and images that attract new visitors and get leads into your sales funnel.

You’ll also get an editorial calendar so you can quickly and easily schedule your content.

It’s quite literally ready to go and you can use it as is. Or you can customize and personalize it with your own branding. 

Ready for some stress-free, business-building content?

Private Label Rights

Lynn Neville

Lynn Neville

Meet Lynn:

Lynn Neville is the founder of Content & Marketing which offers content and marketing solutions including done-for-you articles and graphics. We also provide website design and services, website and blog content management, social media management and virtual assistant services.

Planning & Creating Content For Small Businesses Video PLR Course

A content marketing course that you can upload and sell today.

Would you love your own online course but don’t have time to do all the planning, recording and editing yourself?

I can save you that time because I’ve made the course for you. Yes, I’ve made all the course videos, worksheets, promo video and a choice of editable course cover images. 

All you have to do is upload it and start selling. If you want to rebrand it, edit it or add your own content then that’s fine too.

I’ve even included all the source PowerPoint files. The course is called Planning and Creating Content for Small Businesses.

Private Label Rights

Helen Lindop

Meet Helen:

After many years as a software trainer I switched to making online courses. But it was tough. If it was hard with a software training background then it must be REALLY hard for everyone else! So I started to make done-for-you courses that anyone can buy, upload to their membership site or platform and sell.

The Strength Within Workbook

Use this journal with your clients and brand it as your own.

Ready to work through some tought issues in your life and become a stronger person, emotionally and mentally?

Use the 43 page workbook with its tips and prompts to sort through your past and current troubles to realize future options for your best life!

If you are a coach, therapist, counselor - you can use this journal with your clients and brand it as your own.

Private Label Rights

Jenn Brockman

Meet Jenn:

Jenn is master mind and chief product creator at She's been designing and selling printable products online since since 2017 and is a late blooming Disney fan.

Graphic Creation Like The Pros

Create Your Own Branded Social Media Graphics Fast And Easy!

Tired of not having enough graphics to post in your social media?

Don't want to spend an arm and a leg on graphics?

The graphics you got done where not what you imagined?

The solution to your problems is here:


Graphic Creation Like The Pros!

Learn step-by-step how to create your own branded graphics for your social media.

After you implement the process and the shortcuts I am going to teach you, it will only take you about 2 hours to create between 30 and 60 graphics - enough to post for a whole month! 

No more waiting on a designer!


Personal Use Rights

Wendy LugoSantiago

Meet Wendy:

I help coaches and entrepreneurs to jumpstart their online visibility by providing social media marketing strategy, social media training and social media management. I am in business since 2008. You know you are making social media work for you if you are still in business after 10 years and thriving! I have juggled multiple clients on social media since 2008 and I can teach you the shortcuts and tricks it takes to show up on social media on brand, consistent and sharing your intended message.

Coloring Charts Reference Guides

Coloring Charts Reference Guides

Create your own color reference swatches of your favorite colored pencils.

Includes gray scale blocks for blending techniques, for those who want to practice coloring in monotone images for proper shading. 160 color chart to keep pencil numbers and their names together.

Prompt pages with gray scale image to color for practice and recording. Eyes, hair and other features to record pencil colors and blending options.

A great reference guide for future products.

PPT templates are included in 6x9 and 8x10 file formats. 

Plus more!

Private Label Rights

Peggy Gabrielson

Meet Peggy:

I am a wife, mother and grandmother, an author, artist and designer. I am self taught in my art with some instruction in drawing, painting, and woodcarving these are just a few of my creative endeavors. My joy comes from helping others with their business. To help creative souls become successful in reaching their goals!

$50 Color Monthly PLR Gift Code

Create coloring bliss in your communities with Color Monthly Private Label Rights adult coloring pages, journal designs, and themes.

Coloring is a growing industry with adults. It used to be that only kids loved to color, but now studies have shown that coloring actually reduces stress and is beneficial for adults, too.


Every month, Color Monthly PLR customers create coloring bliss in their communities with our Private Label Rights adult coloring pages, journal designs, and monthly themes.

With Color Monthly PLR, you can create your own subscription membership site, add gorgeous images to your planners or journals, create workbooks for your clients, or even gift your email subscribers with beautiful, thoughtful and creative coloring designs.

As our special bundle offer, please enjoy a $50 credit towards a coloring package or packages of your choice. 

Private Label Rights

Ravyen Monique

Meet Rayven:

Rayven Monique is the official "Queen of Color", and she's on a mission to spread joy and happiness throughout the world, one coloring page at time. Realizing the value that coloring brings to so many lives, Rayven created her own coloring empire, which focuses on happiness as our natural state of being. She lives in Florida with her partner who brings her new flowers every time the old ones die, and wears a lot of silly hats on Facebook LIVE.

Getting Organized Planner

Time chunk to accomplish your goals.

Daily Organizational Planner

Useful to help you use time chunking to accomplish your goals and see where your time is spent.

The top section helps you decide what are your top 3 priorities to include in your hourly time schedule.

The Task section allows you to make a To Do list for the day and at the bottom of the page there is an area for Gratitude and Review.

These are the 2 most important sections to use at the end of your day. They help you see what worked or didn't work and what you are grateful for.

Personal Use Rights


Josie Gonzalez

Meet Josie:

Retired HR manager who loves to plan, travel, journal and garden. I live in the southwest and am currently launching a Coaching Program

The Healthy Entrepreneur Planner

A health and productivity planner for the busy entrepreneur.

Learn easy and proven efficiency methods, so you can be more productive!

Increased productivity means more time to focus on FAMILY, SELF-CARE and HEALTH! You are working really hard BUT sacrificing your health and fitness.

Learn to balance!

In this Planner, you will get a ton of Planning pages to help you with your health, household, family AND business You get guides, tips and reminders to help you accomplish your goals.

BONUS: Mandala Coloring Pages (to relax your brain and tap into your creative side).

Resource page of time saving programs and apps. 

Personal Use Rights

Cristy Murray

Meet Cristy:

Cristy is a mom of 2 active boys, wife and Nurse Practitioner. She shares the reality and struggles of being a working mom and wife. In her blog, she writes about lifestyle and wellness and aims to help mothers stay productive and healthy, so they can focus on self-care and family.

Really Simple Content Marketing

How To Create Massive Amounts Of Well Thought Out, Relevant Content To Get Your Message Out To The World, Build Your Business, And Increase Your Authority, Visibility, And Credibility Exponentially!​​​​​​

Really Simple Content Marketing is an ongoing training program, delivered in live webinar sessions and then added to your membership area for two full years of access.

We begin at the beginning, so that even if you are new to the world of online business and entrepreneurship you will be able to start creating content on your niche topic right away.

Then I will teach you how to syndicate, curate, publish, distribute, and market the content you create so that you will increase your visibility and credibility and your target audience will see you everywhere!



Personal Use Rights

Connie Ragen Green

Meet Connie:

Connie Ragen Green is a former classroom teacher and real estate appraiser who left it all behind to come online in 2006. The author of more than twenty bestselling books, Connie is now an online marketing strategist, international speaker, and entrepreneur. She has created more than sixty courses and products related to entrepreneurship and continues to mentor people on six continents. Connie is also an active volunteer with several charities and service organizations in the two communities she calls home.

101 Tips, Secrets, Ideas, Methods, Hacks, Templates, Shortcuts, and Lists For Content Marketing Mastery 

Inside this jam-packed guidebook we’ll cover the four steps you need to ​​​​create, distribute and profit from content:  Planning, Producing, Polishing, Publishing.

The Go-To Guidebook To Content Marketing Mastery is a 43-Page PDF available for immediate access. 

You’ll get dozens of other tips, tricks, hacks, lists and more that you can use to start creating better and more profitable content!

Personal Use Rights

Jimmy D Brown

Unicorn Spring Template and Graphics Pack

Beautiful pastel colored templates and graphics to build tons of journals and planners.

What goes together better than unicorns and spring?

This pack is loaded with beautiful colors, unicorns, flowers and more.

It provides you with:

  • 12 grayscale templates
  • 14 color templates in 6 different colors
  • Hundreds of backgrounds, border/ spines, and graphics. 

All templates and graphics can be used for commercial purposes to build your own planners and journals. 

Commercial Use

Meet Lynn Webb:

Hi! My name is Lynn and I create planner and journal templates and graphics. I make it easier for you to create a lot of niche specific journals and planners with my for commercial use products. When I am not busy designing, I am spending time with my family and homeschooling my teenage son. I look forward to having a chance to work with you!

Social Media Images for Facebook and Instagram

Life affirming topics that can be used year round and with virtually every niche.

As an entrepreneur, we know two things are true. You’re busy and you always need content.


Here’s the perfect solution for you -- a personal use package of 42 done-for-you social media images.

These images focus on life affirming topics that can be used year round and with virtually every niche.

There are 21 unique designs and each is perfectly sized for Facebook and Instagram.

Use them “as is” or simply add your own branding by uploading them into your favorite graphics program.


Personal Use Rights

Personal rights means you can use them in your own business and add your own branding. These images are not PLR.

Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff 

Meet Tara:

Tara started her career in finance and worked in the tech sector for many years. Since 2002, she’s partnered with entrepreneurs and business professionals around the world to provide coaching and online business management services. She’s also the creator, producer and host of Michigan Entrepreneur, a weekly television talk show, now in its 14th year of production. Tara’s passion is helping entrepreneurs navigate challenges and create more ease and flow in their businesses and lives.

Monthly Garden Planner PLR

Monthly Garden Planner PLR, with a task list for you to work on each month.

Wondering what to do each month in your garden?

This planner is a gathering from some of the top garden experts on what you should be doing each and every month of the year to your flowers and trees to your garden tasks.

This Monthly Garden Planner PLR is editable in powerpoint with over 120 pages with monthly to-do tasks in the garden.

Beautiful Cover and so much more.

Garden BundleMockup


Private Label Rights

Michelle Farmer

Meet Michelle:

Hi, my name is Michelle Farmer retired commercial cricket farmer turned writer and I own PLR Niche Shop where I provide Done-For-You content that saves busy business owners time and money. So they will have time to do the tasks they like to do and save a ton of money by not hiring a ghostwriter to write for them. You can find me at

Floral Llamas Weekly Planner

Llamas are cute animals and are trending this year - so you're audience will enjoy this planner.

Take a look at this adorable Floral Llama Weekly Planner!

Llamas are popular this year and you can have your planners up and selling quickly with this done-for-you product.

The Floral Llamas Weekly Planner comes with PLR Rights and includes an editable PowerPoint File, a ready to publish 105-page PDF File, 6 JPEG Planner Templates, 2 e-Covers, and PLR License. 

Private Label Rights

Donna Szczur

 Color My Journals

DFY NoteBook Powerpoint Templates

DFY KDP Powerpoint Template Bundle

The DFY KDP Template Bundle Volume One includes:

  • 6 x 9 notebook 100 unlined pages (blank) numbered (1 - 100)
  • 6 x 9 notebook 50 lined pages, 50 blank and numbered (1 - 100)
  • 6 x 9 notebook 50 cursive writing pages, 50 blank and numbered (1 - 100)
  • 6 x 9 notebook 100 lined pages and numbered (1 - 100)
  • 6 x 9 notebook 25% solid lines, 75% blank per page, numbered (1 - 100)
  • 6 x 9 notebook 25% dashed lines, 75% blank per page, numbered (1 - 100)

Private Label Rights

Ron Pumfleet

Meet Ron:

I love making life easy and simple with the creation of templates and software. My fiancee Glenis is the arty one of us two.

Using Visual Content for Maximum Blog Exposure Workshop

Combo training and Canva templates to teach you to use this free online graphic editor effectively.

If you aren't using visual content then you can't expect your blog posts to be noticed.

This workshop is a part learning, part doing workshop.

BONUS 1: Editable Canva Templates - both for use in your blog posts and for promoting your blog posts

BONUS 2: 17 Ways to Add Graphics to Your Blog Posts


Personal Use Rights

Stacey Myers 

Meet Stacey:

Stacey Myers teaches women how to take their expertise and turn it into a business. She is passionate about helping to change the lives of others through you sharing your knowledge with the world.

Stacey will not only teach you all the steps necessary, but she delivers it in a way that has you feeling complete confidence in your ability to be able to implement it yourself.

A Focused Life Goal Setting System PLR

The goal setting system for when you've tried everything else.

A Focused Life Goal Setting System is the system you'll use when you're done trying everything else that has failed for you.

With A Focused Life Goal Setting Course you’ll learn (or be able to teach your audience):

1. What all goal setting courses teach and why you don’t accomplish your goals

2. What exactly is a Focused Life

3. The tools of goal setting and why you really don’t need them

4. How your “to do list” is killing your productivity

5. The 6 lies of productivity

6. The 7 steps to a Focused Life

7. Techniques to achieving your goals

8. The secret to goal setting

Finally focus on YOUR LIFE!

Private Label Rights

Randy Mann

Meet Randy:


For most of my life, I've always thought I was destined to do something great, be that over achiever. As a photographer for 15 years and now for the last 20 years in the corporate IT world. Then one day I realized that what I really wanted was a focused and happy life. A life with friends and family without all the stress life can throw at you. For 35 years I've had a passion to study and design goal setting and planners. This study and experience has lead me to create A Focused Life Goal Setting System for when you've tried everything else without any real you feeling complete confidence in your ability to be able to implement it yourself.

Spring Cleaning Planner Templates

Help your audience spring clean with this colorful Spring Cleaning Planner along with a Spring Floral Journal to help them stay motivated and active well into the summer months. 

The Spring Cleaning Printable Templates include 22 pages of templates, plus a Spring Themed Daily Journal.

Plus the journal also includes  checklists for inside and outside the home and for the home office! 

All items are editable in PowerPoint and come with a Commercial License so you may resell, publish, or giveaway your final PDF version. 


Private Label Rights

Sue Fleckenstein

Meet Sue:

Sue loves to create journals, printables and planners and has created a solid business using this model. All of her templates come in easy to edit PowerPoint and she also offers training courses if you are not familiar with how to use PowerPoint.

50 Inspirational Video Quotes

6 Seconds Inspirational Video Quotes

50 Inspirational Video Quotes is the perfect content to inspire, engage and nurture your online audience.

Ideal for your Facebook page, Instagram, Blog, Facebook group, Messenger bot, Website, Newsletter, etc

Private Label Rights

Brigitte Nadeau

Meet Brigitte:

Brigitte is a health coach, content creator and social media strategist. Before she graduated from IIN, she was the founder and managed Audio Strategies, a digital web conference recording service for 5 years. With her love of social media, she now supports coaches, bloggers and consultants by providing done for you content and strategies for them to grow, nurture and engage their social media audience and created

The Planner & Workbook Super Bundle -


This awesome bundle includes 3 of PLR of the Month Club top-selling PLR products:

  • The Pets & Pastels Planner/Journal
  • The '99% Done for You' 365 Day Dated Planner
  • The 'Stay On Track' Goal Achievement Workbook Journal

Each of these Products are original designs from PLRoftheMonth.Club. 

These Planner and Workbook "Toolkits" are designed to allow you to launch your own products quickly, while still allowing you to easily add your own touch, so you can launch a unique end product.

With full PLR, you options are endless - use them as a list building tool, create custom planners for local businesses, sell on your own website or online marketplace.

Private Label Rights

Meet Melody:

Started my first online venture in 1992, selling website to real estate agents, and have been earning a full-time income through my various online ventures since 1996. I love designing & creating planners and journals because I can give free rein to both the entrepreneur and the artist in me ;-)

Goals Planner Templates

Habitually, the 24 hours a day is not enough comparing to the tasks people have to do.

Setting goals gives life direction, and boosts motivation and self-confidence. Then this set of goals planner is to help to get more productive and get things done.

This product is to set goals with 5 different backgrounds (flowers, leaves, gold, simple and doodles). Each template is presented into PowerPoint file. It is easy to edit and to get more productive in life. 

It is easy to edit and every area of life is detailed in this template as it is PowerPoint file.

Personal Use Rights

Domoina Ratsizafy

Meet Domoina:

With her mission to coach and mentor mothers to enjoy their hard motherhood journey, Domoina is married to her sportman, and have 3 children (15,13, 9). She has served her community by teaching skills as sewing, cooking, making money online and she lives with her 3 cats and 2 dogs in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Boost Your Bottom Line: Content Review for Low Content Book Creators

A workbook/planner to walk you through your content and bring out the hidden profits - personal use only

Got PLR you’ve never used and stacks of old content for miles in the dim and dark corners of your laptop?

Have you even created or bought so much content that you’ve forgotten what you have?

Instead of collecting it and leaving it to gather dust, use this workbook and planner to review exactly what you’ve got and plan out how you can use it to create new products and put more money on your bottom line!

There’s plenty of space for notes and ideas, along with helpful resources and notes on how best to review your content, monetize it and plan it out ahead, so you’re never stuck for what to blog about or what products to create next.

Don’t leave money on the table - or buried in your hard drive – work through your old content with this planner and bring out the hidden profits.

Personal Use Only

Gill Fernley

Meet Gill:

Gill Fernley provides professional content writing services, including website copy, blog posts, e-books and private label rights content to boost your content marketing results. She writes personable and friendly copy, tailored to your brand voice, that makes you sound like you, not like a ‘me too’. Her newest website is PLR Pub Club - launching soon! - which provides high-quality low content templates for journals, workbooks, notebooks and more, all with full PLR rights so you can re-brand and sell them as your own.

Fast and Fearless Information Products

Learn how to create high-value infoproducts quickly and repeatedly.

Fast & Fearless Information Products will show you how you can use content you ALREADY OWN to build new streams of income with multiple infoproducts.

You’ll get a reliable, proven process that you can follow time and time again!

Personal Use Only


Chantel Arnett

Meet Chantel:

I help overwhelmed bloggers grow their blog and business with affordable and actionable resources. I'm a working mom of 3 school-aged children, so I totally understand what it's like to struggle to grow your blog traffic, email list and online income without expensive tools or hiring help. I've been blogging since 2016 and love sharing what I've learned so that you don't have to go through the same trial and error process that I did!

Tribal-Inspired Patterns and Templates

A package of tribal-inspired patterns and journal templates with commercial use license.

Add a little Boho chic to your journals and planners with this package of tribal-inspired patterns.

You’ll receive:

•51 12" x 12" square patterns

•51 Background templates in 3 sizes 

•51 Framed blank page templates in 3 sizes (6x9, 8x10, 8.5x11 – PDF and PPT)

•51 Framed lined page templates in 3 sizes (6x9, 8x10, 8.5x11 – PDF and PPT)

•51 watercolor backgrounds (10 each in 5 different colors)

•5 plain watercolor backgrounds


Private Label Rights

Ruth Bowers

Meet Ruth:

Ruth is a designer and publisher who loves to create journals and coloring books that uplift and empower others. She is a firm believer in doing what makes your heart happy and practices what she preaches. In her spare time she can be found either curled up with a good book and cup of tea, wandering the local trails with her border collie, Annie, or writing in her own journal.

How to Use PLR to Get the Click 

7 Easy Ways to Earn More from Your Website or Blog by Using PLR Written Content

This is the missing piece to the puzzle that's been keeping you from doing better with all that PLR you've bought.


This is how you can use PLR to earn more from your blog or website.

HOW TO USE PLR TO GET THE CLICK is a video training course, perfect for anyone who wants to get more clicks on their links as an affiliate marketer, blogger or seller of digital products.

Personal Use Rights

Mitzy Thompson

Meet Mitzy:

Mitzy has been earning online for 8 years. As a mom, she started online while her babies were sleeping.

She experienced a roller coaster of successes and failures before giving up her day job and becoming a full-time online entrepreneur.

She brings all her years of experience to her training courses and is helping many new bloggers and affiliate marketers to find their own success so they too, can quit their day jobs.

$30 Gift Card at White Label Perks

We're offering a $30 coupon code for any PLR that strikes your fancy!


Kelly McCausey is a Business Coach with 16+ years of experience building a community and profit around content. 

Samantha Angel is an in demand Graphic Designer with a delicious eye for feminine design.

Avery Wilmer is an amazing writer with a knack for crafting words that resonate.

With this team behind every item you buy, you can trust the flavor and flow to be consistently sound, personable, and authoritative!


Private Label Rights

White Label Perks

Powerful Quotes for Comfort & Inspiration

Original photos with quotes to comfort, support and inspire you!

Beautiful original landscape photographs, each with a different quote of strength, hope and comfort for inspiring social media postings or for personal comfort and motivation. 


Private Label Rights


Cheryl A Major

Meet Cheryl:

Cheryl A Major "disappeared" her chronic depression over six years ago by changing what she eats. Along the journey, she discovered that inspiring quotes and landscapes of great beauty gave her comfort and strength. These are here to help you with the life challenges we all experience.

Mix-n-Match Dot Grid Templates

A variety of dot grid templates you can mix, match, and edit to create opt-ins, ebooks, and low-content books.

A variety of dot grid templates you can mix, match, and edit to create opt-ins, ebooks, and low-content books.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 50 brand new designs and 3 popular sizes - 8.5 x 11, 8 x 10, and 6 x 9

PowerPoint files allow you to add text, add new elements, remove elements, and change elements to create an unlimited number of designs and combinations.

Private Label Rights

Julie Coffman

Meet Julie:

Julie is an online biz owner, content creator, self-publisher, and mom to one teenager, one infant, and one cockapoo (who thinks she’s in charge of the whole household.) When she's not hanging out with her kids and fur baby, she's publishing new content on her site or adding to her growing list of self-published journals and other low-content books. Her favorite things include tacos, margaritas, all things “Disney”, and naps and she dreams of one day being able to visit Dollywood and meet Dolly Parton.

Heart & Soul Creative Ebook Template

Easy to Use Ebook Template For Printing or Opt-In Online 

Easy to Edit Design in PowerPoint and Word Document 

The ebook template comes with 2 covers, inside page designs, workbook page design, and 4 styles of checklists.

Included are a variety of colorful royalty free images so that you can change the design style.

Use the ebook template as branding for your opt-in or products. 

Private Label Rights

Gabby Conde

Meet Gabby:

Gabby has education in design, writing, marketing, and self help topics with experience since 2006. She successfully helps clients grow their service and ecommerce businesses and shares products and topics in these areas that help you profit.

Content: The Lifeblood of Your Business 

The Lifeblood of Your Online Business is a PDF report and workbook/planner to help you set you achieve your content creation goals. I have also included a video walk through of the planner to make sure you put it to use right away.

You will learn about how to create content that your readers are eager to consume, and compels them to take action. Understand some basic SEO to help the search engines and your future readers find your content.

Content is neccessary for any online business. This training is focused on creating content for your blog, but the principles apply to any type of content creation.


Personal Use Only

Lori Winslow

The Organized Solopreneur

4 Whole Food PLRBundles

Healing Depression with Whole Foods, Whole Food Jumpstart, 30 Day Whole Food Weight Loss Challenge, and Getting Started with Smoothies

You will get 30+ pieces of content including:

4 Reports and Report Opt in Pages

* Healing Depression with Whole Food Report and Opt in Page

* Getting Started with Smoothies Report and Opt in Page

* Whole Food 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Report and Opt in Page

* Whole Food Jumpstart Report and Opt in Page

Social Media Images 

* 6 Whole Food Jumpstart Social Media Images


* 15 Whole Food Weight Loss Challenge check in emails

Checklist * 5 Ways to Rev Your Metabolism

Webinar Tools 

* Powerpoint Slides

* Webinar Handouts

* Webinar Speaking Points


Private Label Rights

Rachel Youngson

Meet Rachel:

Rachel has been creating PLR since 2012. In 2015, she launched Whole Food PLR as a way to serve the needs of her clients in the paleo and whole foods niches. In addition to creating PLR, Rachel also teaches her audience how to use PLR with her weekly PLR Power Hour discussions.

Perspective Development:

How To Get Out of a Fixed Mindset and Get Into a Growth Mindset

Habits or belief patterns are often tied to specific experiences, some of them painful. What if you could adopt strategies to help you get out of a very fixed way of looking at the world? You can! 

In “Perspective Development” - How To Get Out of a Fixed Mindset and Get Into a Growth Mindset, you will learn what you should focus on, what to do at certain times of the day and how to deal with limiting beliefs.

Personal Use Only

Greg J. Gurniak

Meet Greg:

He is a former Radiation Therapist (cancer treatment) who transitioned to become an integrative holistic practitioner (acupuncturist, clinical and medical hypnotist) allowing him to effectively treat difficult and complex imbalances from an eastern medicine perspective while understanding patients’ encounters in western medicine.  His toolbox has a variety of treatment modalities allowing him to select the best treatment for the patient. 

He enjoys sharing knowledge and decided to begin writing in order to teach a variety of health care topics.  His writing can be found on his website.  He creates customized lectures, keynote presentations and workshops for groups and corporations.  He writes and produces educational videos on a variety of topics as a way to help people learn.

The Idea Formula PLR Bundle

How To Generate Powerful Ideas Consistently 

A done for you digital product that you can publish as your own.

Teach your followers how to generate a steady stream of creative ideas that can help take their life and career to the next level.

Private Lable Rights

Justin Popovic

Done for You Social Media Graphics Club

You will get not only get a month free to try the club, but will also be emailed access to January and Februrary's graphics too.

Here’s the lowdown of what members of Shannah's Done for You Social Media Graphics Club get…

90 done for you social media graphics each month.

There will be 30 Facebook, 30 IG, and 30 Twitter graphics you can brand to YOUR business each and every month. Always have fresh content to post consistently daily.

Eye-catching graphics that grab viewers’ attention to like, comment and share.

Great for your blog, Pinterest, and Linkedin too. Use them everywhere your prospects hang out. You are free to edit as you please, add your website, brand, etc.

USE COUPON CODE: bundle2019

Rights to use the graphics for your own personal or business use.  

You may NOT resell or give away the graphics. However, you may use them for your clients if you are a VA.


Shannah Holt

Hi I'm Shannah! I was a teacher and mom of 8 kids. At one point child care costed more than what I was getting paid and I really didn’t want to leave my newborn and go back to work. So I decided to stay at home and started homeschooling as well.

Money was tight! I found odd jobs… I tutored, babysat, sold books, and even Avon, but none of it made a big impact on our finances and I although I loved my kids I craved more adult interaction!

In the quest for better health (surviving Cancer treatment), I found both a way to feed our finances and my passions.

My mission is to empower stay at home moms (and want-to-be stay at home moms) to master the chaos at home, their health, & build a thriving online businesses for financial freedom, sanity, and purpose.

Yes I realize I that may sound like crazy talk. I too once thought that!

The balancing act is a struggle, but the rewards are great and make it all worth it! And the cool thing I’m with you in the trenches.

BIG Health and Wellness PLR Bundle

This is a bundle with 5 health PLR products from her store.

You will get 5 big bundles from Health & Wellness PLR store, which is valued at $150.

The products include:

1. Natural Health MEGA Bundle

2. Stress and Mindfulness MEGA Bundle

3. Plant-Based Probiotics Bundle

4. Journaling Your Life eBook Bundle

5. Healthy Lifestyle Habits Bundle


Private Label Rights


Jennifer Andersen

Health & Wellness PLR

Power to the Girls Journal

A journal for Boss Ladies, made in time for International Women's Day,.

A journal for Boss Ladies, made in time for International Women's Day.

Colorfully illustrated and with empowering women quotes. 

To remind you of how brave you are every day.

To inspire you to never give up.

Personal Use Rights

Ana Tarouca

Meet Ana:

My name is Ana Tarouca. I’m a wife, a mother of three, an avid reader, a librarian, and I’m portuguese. And I’m also a book blogger.

My blog’s purpose is for moms to become fulfilled readers and communicate the love of books to their children. I also love designing printables.

Relationship PLR Bundle

The Relationship PLR Bundle Includes: 15 Articles, 5- page Opt-In Report, 6 Product Reviews, 15 Domain Name Ideas and 52 Tweets

The Relationship PLR Bundle Includes:

  • 15 Articles
  • 5- page Opt-In Report, "Building a Solid Foundation for Your Relationship"
  • 6 Product Reviews
  • 15 Domain Name Ideas
  • 52 Tweet


Private Label Rights 


Jan Royston

Meet Jan:

Jan Royston lives in the mountains of East Tennessee (but would rather live in a condo on the beach) and does freelance writing. She also runs Awesome PLR where she sells PLR in various niches. She started writing short stories in elementary school and hasn't been able to stop writing since. In her free time she enjoys playing golf, swimming, travelling and reading. She has two sons and 4 grandchildren who are the light of her life! 

The Essential Guide for Writers 28 Day Action Plan

Whether you've written a nonfiction book, a novel, a short report, or you're creatiing private label rights content, this guide shows you what to do each day for the next 28 days. Step by step. Day by Day.

The Essential Guide for Authors and Writers:

28 Day Action Plan Make Money Online works if you're a freelance writer looking to boost your client base, a ghostwriter looking for new projects, writing and selling private label content, or an author wanting to sell his/her book.


Personal Use Only


Dee Power

Meet Dee:

Dee Power is the founding partner of Profit Dynamics Inc. the company behind She is the author of several commercially published books, self-published novels, and guides.

She has written thousands of article for online magazines, web content and blogs. She travels the Southwest with her dog and partner.

DFY Package: 45 Original Stock Photos + 30 DFY Social Share Images

45 Original Stock Photos + 30 DFY Social Share Images

Get 45 of original one-of-a-kind photos that you can use--no attribution necessary!

Additionally, she's included:

  • 20 Social Share Images with inspirational and motivational quotes plus
  • 10 more with healthy living messages. 

The Social Share Images were created with these original photos to save you time.

Private Label Rights

Meet Melissa:

Dr. Melissa Brown is a medical doctor with over 25 years of clinical experience. She is also a certified life coach, public speaker, author, and self-taught techie.

After retiring from medical practice and starting a healthy lifestyle coaching business, she found it challenging to keep up with all the content creation needed to keep readers satisfied and engaged. Discovering DFY content was a game changer for her business.

Dr. Brown now combines her love of writing with her medical background. Through Coach Ready Content, she provides quality health and wellness DFY content products, helping coaches and other business owners create content for their business.

Freestyle Content: The Multiplier Matrix System

Quick & Powerful Planning For Prolific Content Creation 

The Multiplier Matrix Method of Content Planning Will Give You a Powerful System for Creating Quality Content Quickly and Easily

•You’ll first create a Content Matrix that will allow you to produce new content at will. Never be bogged down by indecision or writer’s block again!

•It will show you how to turn ideas into content – over and over again – and how to plan for dozens and even hundreds of pieces of content at a time.

•You’ll be able to create a variety of types of content – articles, blog posts, information products, books, video, podcasts, social content, and more.

•You’ll be able to quickly mix and match your content to create NEW items AT WILL from existing pieces, posts, and products.

•You will even be given sample schedules for executing your Content Matrix, along with a plan to ensure it gets seen by your audience.

Freestyle Content


Personal Use Only


Teresa Miller

Meet Teresa:

Teresa Miller is the original Freestyle Author, and is a writing, publishing, and creativity coach, fiercely committed to helping creative entrepreneurs find their own unique style of business success.

Freestyle is about artistic expression combined with skill and expertise. Most of all, it's about having fun with your business! 

Pinterest Marketing in 6 Days + Get Found on Pinterest SEO Action Plan

Learn how to get started with Pinterest marketing and how to use SEO on Pinterest with this special 6 day mini course and Action Plan bundle.

Pinterest drives thousands of hits per day to many blogs and this course can help you start getting a piece of the action! Learn the best way to get started with Pinterest marketing with this special course bundle.

Pinterest Marketing in 6 Days helps you get your Pinterest account set up quickly and shows you how to create clickable Pinterest graphics to get more traffic to your blog. You’ll also learn exactly how to find what content people are looking for on Pinterest.

Bite-sized video lessons to help you easily learn the tech you need to grow your Pinterest followers and traffic.

Spreadsheets and worksheets to organize keywords, descriptions, and other pin information in one place. 


Personal Use Rights

Stephanie Bledsoe

Stephanie Bledsoe

Meet Stephanie:

Stephanie is a self-taught 3D artist and graphic designer who has turned to blogging after spending over 12 years creating graphics and 3D products in virtual worlds.

Through her blogs, she shares her love for design and technology by helping other entrepreneurs, specifically bloggers and other content creators, create better visual content and connect with tools and services to better manage their online presence.

Tweaker Alphabets

Hand-drawn alphabets to add more personality to your journal pages

Tweaker alphabets are hand-drawn alphabets that are designed to prettify or embellish repeated dull pages in your journals.

It has private label rights granted allowing you to use it in your other products such as cards, planners, among others.

Tweaker Alphabet_Marketing

Private Label Rights


Maria Silvo

Meet Maria:

Maria Silvo runs the e-commerce site Fresh PLR Possibilities, which provides high-quality PLR graphics content for low content products such as coloring books, journals, planners, among others. Maria does all her artworks using a process that she has developed through years of practice. She only sells products that pass her standards of quality.

Devotional: Digital Discipleship

30 day themed devotional set about digital discipleship. 

These devotions are a wonderful addition to your faith based content plans.  Use them to encourage others and spread God’s Love, Grace & Mercy far and wide!

  • Devotions Minimum of 225 Words Each
  • 7480 Total Word Count (Editable Word Document)
  • Daily Checklist with that day’s Bible verse so you can check off each day (Editable Word Document)
  • Social Friendly Title Images Provided (JPG & Editable PSD Files)


Private Label Rights


Kelly & Tishia


60-Minute LIVE Implement Your PLR Workshop

Do you have tons of PLR on your hard drive and you're not sure how to use it?

April Lemarr is offering a 60-minute LIVE Implement Your PLR Workshop where she will walk you through the basics of implementing your PLR. This is a LIVE webinar, so you'll be able to attend the meeting and ask question during the workshop. This is a great opportunity to get all of those questions answered about PLR that you have.

She'll also show you real examples of how she has used PLR in her business:

  • A sales page
  • An opt-in page
  • An email sequence 

Plus you'll learn:

  • Why it's important to learn to use the PLR you own.
  • What does implementing PLR mean?
  • How to decide what PLR to use and when?

Most people buy PLR with the good intention of using it. Instead it sits on the hard drive. When this happens not only does it take up space, but it costs us money instead of helping us save time and make money.

The workshop is personal use rights only.

You'll also be given two $37 Gift Cards to spend at her store Niche Starter Packs. This gives you a chance to pick the PLR that you want.  These are Private Label Rights.

Workshop Info:

When: Mar 20, 2019 10:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

The workshop will be recorded and if you're not able to come live, I'll add the replay in our account 48 hours after.

Workshop is Personal Use Only

USE COUPON CODE: CCCBUNDLE (at Niche Starter Packs)

Gift Cards Are For PLR Content - So You Get Private Label Rights

April Lemarr

Meet April:

I'm April Lemarr and I'm the one who hosted this bundle.  I brought the people together, but everything was created by these amazing people.  :)

I've built a business that focuses on helping bloggers and entreprenuer's by creating done for you content.  I do the work of finding the trending topics, researching, writing and providing high-quality content for you to use.  

I know that quality content is what builds relationships and I want to help you build your audience by providing that.

I'm able to enjoy a flexible lifestyle, which includes homeschool her son, attending tons of homeschool events & activities and travel - all while working at home doing something I loves.

3 Year Memory Journal

Great format to help see patterns and recurring problems.

Memory journals are a proven way to gain clarity, clear your mind, facilitate healing, good for de-stressing and improves memory and problem solving skills.

Unlike other memory journals, the 3 year format helps your clients review and compare their growth each year when they see the previous year's entry side by side.

This format, is also great to surface recurring problems or patterns that your clients need to pay more attention to. Because this is an open topic journal, you can use it for any purpose.

The 3 Year Memory Journal is ready to publish so you can sell it, give it away or add to your products right away.

Perfect for self-development enthusiasts, health, and business coaches alike.


Private Label Rights


Lynette Chandler

Meet Lynette:

Lynette Chandler is long known among the online marketing circle as a WordPress Developer and go-to tech gal, but she also has a not-so-secret talent for designing planners and journals. While it might seem like a huge chasm between the two, Lynette thinks it all stems from the desire to constantly look for ways to get things done efficiently without sacrificing self, family and health. That is why she finds joy in seeking, creating and sharing tools entrepreneurs can use, be it through technology, journals, or good old fashioned planners.

Information Product Creation Templates

Complete Information Product Creation Package

  • Get our Information Product Creation Insider's Guide
  • Product Brainstorming Checklist
  • Product Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Product Creation Planne
  • 3 Ebook Templates
  • 3 Brainstorming Worksheet Templates
  • 3 Checklist Templates
  • 3 Slideshow Templates
  • Graphics: Arrows and bullets, Add to Cart Buttons, 5 Guarantee Seals, 5 Download Icon Sets and Editable Product Graphics.

Rights For the Templates

What you can and cannot do with these template documents (.doc format):

You CAN edit the templates how you wish and use them for your own marketing.

You CAN use them for work you do for clients.

You CANNOT resell or give away the templates.

You CANNOT resell or pass on rights to anyone to resell or give away the templates.


Chantel Arnett

Meet Chantel:

I help overwhelmed bloggers grow their blog and business with affordable and actionable resources. I'm a working mom of 3 school-aged children, so I totally understand what it's like to struggle to grow your blog traffic, email list and online income without expensive tools or hiring help.

I've been blogging since 2016 and love sharing what I've learned so that you don't have to go through the same trial and error process that I did!

Information Product Creation Templates

Complete Information Product Creation Package

  • Get our Information Product Creation Insider's Guide
  • Product Brainstorming Checklist
  • Product Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Product Creation Planne
  • 3 Ebook Templates
  • 3 Brainstorming Worksheet Templates
  • 3 Checklist Templates
  • 3 Slideshow Templates
  • Graphics: Arrows and bullets, Add to Cart Buttons, 5 Guarantee Seals, 5 Download Icon Sets and Editable Product Graphics.

Rights For the Templates

What you can and cannot do with these template documents (.doc format):

You CAN edit the templates how you wish and use them for your own marketing.

You CAN use them for work you do for clients.

You CANNOT resell or give away the templates.

You CANNOT resell or pass on rights to anyone to resell or give away the templates.


Chantel Arnett

Meet Chantel:

I help overwhelmed bloggers grow their blog and business with affordable and actionable resources. I'm a working mom of 3 school-aged children, so I totally understand what it's like to struggle to grow your blog traffic, email list and online income without expensive tools or hiring help.

I've been blogging since 2016 and love sharing what I've learned so that you don't have to go through the same trial and error process that I did!

KB Content Creation Bundle

Done-For-You kitchen-tested recipes with original photographs & much more!

The KB Content Creation Bundle is a sample pack of some of our best PLR food content, including exclusive kitchen-tested recipes with original photographs, a weekly menu plan, promotional recipe cards, and more.

If you have a food, lifestyle, or health & wellness related business, you can use this content to help your readers eat healthier, while saving time and money in the process. 


Private Label Rights

Trish Lindemood

Meet Trish:

Trish has been the "Chief Cook & Content Creator" at (originally KitchenPLR) since 2013. She specializes in creating exclusive food and gardening PLR, including delicious kitchen-tested recipes with original photographs, done-for-you menu plans, and organic gardening content. 

DFY Creating a Wealth Mindset Challenge

Designed to challenge false beliefs and modify behaviors that support a lack mentality.

30 Emails and 30 Articles

This PLR Bundle includes 30 articles and 30 email messages. Just copy and paste and you're good to go.

Here's a quick glance at the 30 titles we have for you inside:

  • A Wealth Mindset Is A Game Changer
  • Looking At Your Past Can Show You Your Financial Future
  • Money IQ- Assessing What You Know About Money
  • Examples of Wealth- That Aren’t Money Related
  • Help! My Spouse And I Don’t Agree About Finances
  • Hazards Of A Lack Mentality
  • Are You A Quality Or Quantity-Minded Spender?
  • Working Smart Not Hard- An Important Money Mindset
  • And many more....

30 Social Media Posts

Custom written social media posts that go hand-in-hand with each of the articles. 


Private Label Rights

Susanne Tracy

Susanne & Tracy

Meet Susanne & Tracy:

Tracy & Susanne from Piggy Makes Bank have been friends for years and collaborated and worked together on quite a few projects in the past. Between the two of them they have over 25 years of experience in online marketing, content creation, and customer service and it shows in what they’ve built at Piggy Makes Bank

Thank you again for purchasing the Content Creation Collection Bundle!

Thank you!

​​April Lemarr


This bundle is a collaboration of several product creators and EACH product is going to have its own terms that you'll need to follow.  Usually these are inside the product zip files or on the site.  If you're ever unsure of what you can do with your PLR, commercial use or some of the personal use products - please make sure to contact the person who contributed the product.  If you're not sure who that is or how to get a hold of them you can ask me.

Niche Starter Packs Terms:

All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non refundable.

1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customer’s only get personal use rights.

2. Do not put my name on it.

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