Your Done-For-You Content Should Not Make You Work Harder – It Should Make It Easier! It’s Time to Get More Mileage from Your Killer PLR!

Build Your Personal Brand With These Landing Page Templates

90 Minute LIVE TRAINING - Wednesday, January 23rd at 10:30 am PST

If there’s one thing that’s true for all online entrepreneurs it’s this: Content is a key element in our business!

Content is the backbone of any online marketing strategy.

Basically, it’s everything.

Unfortunately, creating content can be a painstaking process.  It can take hours (or days!) to string together a decent (let alone fantastic and audience-worthy) blog post, email series or webinar.

That is where done-for-you content can help you.

Connie asked me to put together a special deal for everyone who attends her workshop, "Clarify Your Message, Enlist Your Tribe" that will help you take PLR (private label rights) and use it in your content marketing strategy.

Stop laboring over your content marketing and start squeezing more out of every piece of content you create!

Build Your Personal Brand With These Landing Page Templates

During the live webinar I'll discuss ways for you to use and implement the PLR that you have by turning it into blog posts and products for your business.  This webinar will be a combo of training on how to put your done-for-you content to use and answer questions you have about products you're creating or scheduling blog posts.

  • Brainstorm Topic Ideas
  • Sales Funnel Outline
  • Outline the product (s) you'll be creating
  • Ways to add your voice into the content or add value

Done-For-Your Content Implementation Workshop

It’s time to learn how to squeeze every drop of goodness out of all the amazing content you create–and quit letting all your hard work go to waste!

So, if you want to:

  • Save time on content creation (so you have more time to spend with clients–or your family!)
  • Win more customers with less work!
  • Work content repurposing into your current marketing plan in fun, creative ways
  • 3 smart ways to evaluate your content and decide what makes the cut–and what gets left on the cutting room floor.
  • How to find and organize your content without driving yourself crazy!
  • How to find killer content you don’t even remember creating (it exists!)– and exactly what to do with all your abandoned content (To use it or not to use it-that IS the question, and we’ll answer it!)
  • How to find the content repurposing methods that work best for you–so you can consistently put out the best content for your people, quickly.
  • The one thing you need to include on almost every piece of content– if you take nothing else away from this module, let it be this!

Seriously, just imagine this…

  • Expanding your audience and landing more leads–over and over again–from one piece of well-written content (that you wrote months ago!)
  • Cross-promoting content easily from different social channels and reaching hundreds or even thousands of new prospects, with the same content!
  • Shelling out less money to hire writers or VA’s to create new content from scratch
  • Cutting the time you have to spend creating content every week right in half!
  • Extending the “shelf-life” of your content indefinitely so your hard work never goes to waste (or becomes a “one hit wonder”)

All you have to do is say yes to this workshop and it can all be yours.

Sure, you could continue to labor over your content creation to the point of hand cramps and backaches (been there!) or shell out thousands for a content or copywriter to create piles upon piles of original content…

Or, you–or your team–could start repurposing all the incredible content you already have at your fingertips, and reaping major rewards.

The choice is yours.

Ready to get the most out of your done-for-you content?

Connie Reagen Green

This is the first time I'm sharing the methods I've used for the clients and brands I've worked with. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how simple and effective these strategies are!

Connie Green

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