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Hi, my name is April Lemarr and I sell done-for-you content at Niche Starter Packs.

In October, I will be hosting a bundle that will help people use content in their business and if you've got something that fits this bill I'd love for you to be a part of the bundle.

Why Would You Want To Contribute To The Bundle?

Increase your list size (not just any type of list though -a buyers list!) - people love bundles because they are able to try out several different people's products for a low cost investment.  So this is your chance to be introduced to new people who have an interest in the type of products you sell.

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Important Dates To Remember:

Contributor Deadline: Wednesday, September 18th

Start: Wednesday, September 25 th at 10 AM EST (7 AM PST)

Ends: Monday, September 30th 

Deadline to Download: Tuesday, December 31st - New Years Eve Day (midnight if possible)

Bundle Price & Commission:

Price: $27

Commission: 50% commission

Ends: Monday, September 30th 

Deadline to Download: Tuesday, December 31st - New Years Eve Day (midnight if possible)

I've made the requirements to participate easy.  Check them out below:

  • 1
    Promote 2 to 3 times.  If you're working on your list now and don't have one, please promote on your social media platforms - this can include Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; however, even if your list is small I challenge you to send them at least 2 emails.
  • 2
    Product value has to be at least $17
  • 3
    This must be a product you charge for or you plan to in the future.  No opt-ins or freebies.

I'm not allowing one-on-one services to be offered as part of the bundle.  That would make a great follow-up product once people sign up.

Please Fill Out The Form Below:

This bundle is all about people being able to get content out quickly and easily to their audience, readers and subscribers.
That means your product could be PLR, templates, DFY social media posts (or graphics) and so many other done-for-you types of products – the purpose is to make their life easier.

But that isn’t all you can contribute, so don’t worry if you’re not a PLR creator. The theme is content creation and can include training on anything that is content related or could include resources that will help them pull it all together to create something – like planners or journals (just make sure it is very clear that they are for personal use only!). Topics can include writing content, planning, repurposing or coming up with topic ideas – to name a few.

If you’re teaching a course that has to do with using content or will help them put all the PLR they’ve got to use – you can join as well. This could include creating membership sites, funnels, email marketing, email sequences, social media marketing or product creation.

Like I said this bundle is all about being able to use content in your business and the different methods that you can do that. So it is pretty wide open for what you can contribute.

If you have questions about your specific product – please let me know at [email protected]

Thank you for participating in my bundle!  I really appreciate it.  :)


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