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Starts:  Monday, November 6th 10 AM EST


Ends: Friday, November 10th

Welcome JV's & Affiliates!  

April Lemarr here and I've got a really great launch coming up!  


But first...

Sign up to get announcements on this launch, as well as for any of my future products.  This list will ONLY receive information on my products that you can promote and make affiliate commissions from.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to add a bonus please contact me (April) at 

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Here's The Offer To Promote:

Pre-Written Healthy Holiday Content Bundle

This is the time of year that people are going to start gaining weight.  There are SO many holiday parties and most of the food served is loaded with fat and calories.  Help your list stay keep in touch with their community about staying healthy during this stressful time. 

This topic is so versatile that your list can use this in the parenting niche, on health sites, for lifestyle blogs, and for a niche site...and so much more.

They can use this PLR for their blog to get traffic to their site, in their autoresponders to build a relationship with their list and as an opt-in report to get more subscribers.  These are only a few ways they can use it.

Why Will They Want to Buy This Pre-Written Content Bundle?

  • Your customers will love the informative content they can offer their audience
  • This bundle is content based.  That means there is TONS of it.  They'll be able to use it in so many ways - by scheduling blog posts, setting up opt-ins or creating products to help their community.
  • The entire sales funnel offers ways for your customers to get in front of the holiday rush to get information to stay healthy and maintain their weight!

Being healthy during the holidays will help so many people and it crosses over so many different niches, which means that people can use this PLR.  The more bloggers who can use it means the more that are going to be interested in it and purchase it.

You're customers will find so many different ways to boost their traffic with this content.  

I have provided you with email swipe files that include a long email (has all components of the funnel) so that you can take out what you don't want.  This is a HUGE double niche - health and holidays, both of which earn billions each year.  Help your customers get some of that money in their pockets.

FRONT END: $7 - $9.95 (dimesale)

(100% Commission)

UPSELL: $19 to $24.95 (dimesale)

 (50% Commission)


The front end offer is content-based.  Your customers will get high-quality articles, product reviews, top 5 product lists and not one, but two reports.  The reports can help your customers collect leads, plus they have a way to potentially earn money with the product reviews and top 5 lists provided.

  • 10 High-Quality, Pre-Written Articles
  • 9-Page Report, "Benefits of Cinnamon"
  • 7-Page Report, "Benefits of Cranberries"
  • 7 Articles From Both of the Reports (400 to 700+ words)
  • 4 Engaging Product Reviews
  • 2 Top 5 Tangible Product Lists
  • 26 Royalty Free Images

Thank You!

April Lemarr

P.S. With this pack you'll get not one, but two different reports that give the health benefits.  People LOVE to know the health benefits of their food.  Use these highly targeted reports to get more subscribers to your list.

P.P.S. Remember that 61% of people buy a product AFTER they've read a blog post.  The high-quality product reviews on Popular Amazon Products in this bundle will help you earn affiliate commissions - faster and easier than before.

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