Provide a Yoga PLR Bundle to Help Your Customers With an EVERGREEN Topic Across Several Niches

Launch Date Starts:  Monday, March 6th at 10 AM EST


FE $12.95 (50%) - OTO $27 (50%) 

OTODS $17 (50%) - DS $9.95 (50%) 

Welcome JV's & Affiliates!  April Lemarr & Jennifer Andersen here.  Today we've a put together a PLR bundle on an EVERGREEN topic in the weight loss and diet industry - Yoga.

Yoga is a HUGE topic that earns people millions of dollars a year.  People want to learn more about this form of exercise to get in shape, become more flexible or get more stability.  Yoga can help with these types of issues, as well as many more.

Your list can use this if they have a list of stressed out college student, mom's that want to incorporate exercise back into their life or seniors who need more stability and balance - this niche goes across all ages!

They can use this PLR for their blog to get traffic to their site, in their autoresponders to build a relationship with their list and as an opt in report to get more subscribers​.  This is only a few ways they can use it.

Below you'll find email swipe files that include a long email (has all components of our funnel), so that you can take out what you don't want.  

If you've got any questions or comments please contact April at [email protected]

Why Promote This Offer?

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Yoga is a huge industry and has a cult following, so your customers have the potential to earn money in this niche.  Not only can they help their customers with the different styles - but they can also earn money through affiliate programs.  They buy products like - yoga mats, yoga accessories, yoga DVD's and yoga blocks.

  • Your customers will love the high quality content and graphics they can offer to their audience and use with their offers
  • This offers a way for your customers to offer valuable information on how to lose weight.  They'll get an opt-in, as well as articles to load onto their blogs.
  • Graphics are beautifully designed and your audience will be proud to put their names on them.

It goes across several niches and ages - take a look below at all the different ways and places they can promote.

  • Baby Boomers
  • Stress Out College Students
  • Busy Moms
  • Yoga Practioners
  • Holistic / Natural Medicine
  • Natural Healing 
  • Weight Loss

Your customers will find so many different ways to boost their traffic with this content.  Plus the OTO will help them load their blog or email autoresponders with content.  

The Funnel:

Sales Funnel Overview

  • FE - $12.95 @ 50% Commission
  • OTO - $27 @ 50% Commission
  • OTO Downsell - $17 @ 50% Commission (Same as OTO, but take some of the components out)
  • DS - $9.95 @ 50% Commision

Sales Funnel Details