Show Your Followers a Way For Them To Help Their Audience Get Their Body Aligned & Feel Good During the Winter Months

Launch Date Starts:  Saturday, October 1st at 10 AM EST



Launch Date Ends: Saturday, October 8th

FE $19 (50%) - OTO $29 (50%) 

OTO2 $29 (50% Recurring) -  DS $19 (50%)

Welcome JV's & Affiliates!  April & Jennifer here.  Today we've a put together a PLR bundle on a HUGE topic - Juicing.  

People want to juice for so many reasons - to lose weight, to get healthy and to detox are among some of the reason.  Your list can use this in the parenting niche, on health sites, for lifestyle blogs and for a niche site.

They can use this PLR for their blog to get traffic to their site, in their autoresponders to build a relationship with their list and as an opt in report to get more subscribers​.  This is only a few ways they can use it.

We have provided you with email swipe files that include a long email (has all components of our funnel), so that you can take out what you don't want.  There is also a profit potential slant email.  This is a HUGE money making niche.  Help your customers get some of that money in their pockets.

If you've got any questions, comments or would like to add a bonus please contact April at [email protected]

Why Promote This Offer?

  • Your customers will love the high quality content and graphics they can offer their audience
  • The entire funnel is set up for your customers to get opt ins, give them valuable free information, presell the product and then sale them the product.
  • We will offer an opt in for people leaving the page and will then send out a series of emails to get them to buy before the launch is over.

Juicing helps so many people and it crosses over so many different niches like: ,  All of these niches and can use this PLR which means that more people are going to be interested in it.

  • Anti-Aging
  • Holistic / Natural Medicine
  • Holistic / Natural Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Disease Prevention (cancers, low blood pressure, arthritis)
  • Natural Healing (gall bladder issues, ulcers, kidney stones)

There are over 500,000 searches on various juicing keywords such as juicing, juicing machine, juicing recipes and small juicers.  You're customers will find so many different ways to boost their traffic with this content.  Plus the OTO is a product that will help engage their audience if they want to create a free juicing challenge or has a chance to bring in money if they want to sell it to their customers.

The Sales Funnel...

Sales Funnel Overview

  • FE - $19 @ 50% Commission
  • OTO - $29 @ 50% Commission
  • OTO2 - $29 @ 50% Commission (Recurring)
  • DS - $19 @ 50% Commission

Sales Funnel Details

Front End $19 @ 50% Commission

Juicing PLR Product Details

The front end offer is geared to help your customers collect leads with an opt in report, squeeze page and email series. Plus they have a way to potentially earn money with the product reviews and top 10 lists we have provided.

  • Report:  "6 Reasons Why You Should Juice"
  • Email Series: "Benefits of Certain Fruits and Veggies" 5 Day Email Autoresponders
  • Lead Magnet: HTML Opt In Page For Report
  • Download Page:  HTML Thank You Page
  • eReport Graphics: eReport Graphics in PNG Formats, Plus PSD Files
  • Product Reviews: 5 Tangible Products Review From Amazon
  • Top 10 List: 2 Top 10 Lists on Juicers and Juicing Recipe Books
  • Affiliate Programs Suggestions: Report on Affiliate Programs & Product Link Recommendations

OTO1 $29 @ 50% Commission

Juicing Challenge PLR Product

The OTO is geared to help your customers get a product up quickly.  It provides a 5 part email autoresponder series that pre-sells the Juicing Challenge product.  It has the the main product which includes several parts which start with 7 days of blog posts and emails that complement each other.  Then there is a grocery list and weekly juicing calendar, so that there customers can download them to use during their challenge.  The PLR even has a minisite with an HTML salespages with copy already on it and a thank you page.  All they have to do is add their information and upload the products.

  • ​Blog Posts: 7 Days of Juicing Challenge Content That Complements the Email Series
  • Email Series: Juicing Challenge Autoresponders - 7 Days of Emails, Plus an Intro
  • Grocery List: Grocery List For Recipes in Juicing Challenge
  • Weekly Calendar:  Printable Calendar for Recipes From the 7Day Challenge
  • Graphics: eCover & Logo Graphics in PNG Formats, Plus PSD Files
  • Pre-sell Email Series: 5 Day eMail Autorespond Series That Pre-Sells the Juicing Challenge
  • Juicing Minisite:  HTML Salespage
  • Sales Copy: Copy Written for the Juicing Challenge
  • Download Page:  HTML Thank You Page
  • Banner Graphics: Graphics For the Juicing Challenge Promotions

OTO2 $29 Mo. @ 50% Commission

Healthy You PLR Club

  • ​Blog Posts: 15 Blog Posts about Healthy Living Each Month
  • Email Series: 15 Email Autoresponder Series on Healthy Living Each Month
  • Top Lists: 5 Top 5 Tangible Product Lists That Complement the Blog Posts & Emails
  • Produt Reviews: 10 Product Reviews on Products That Go With the Theme of the Month
  • Blog Post & Email Content Calendar: Content Calendar of the Best Days To Post the Content

OTO2 $19 @ 50% Commission

DS $19 @ 50% Commissions:

The second One Time Offer is 10 packs of PLR that is bundled together.  They will get topics such as walking, smoothie bowls, healthy eating when traveling and detoxing your body.

  • Healthy Cooking Tips For Busy Moms
  • Weight Loss Report
  • Paleo Diet Articles 
  • Better Health For Busy Moms Product Reviews
  • Water Drinking Challenge
  • Detox Articles
  • Food eCourse 
  • Natural Skin Care
  • Massage Articles
  • Food Report

Affiliate Promotion Tools:

  • email 1: Short email
  • Email 2: Long Email



Hi [[firstname]]!

Did you know that most people do not get enough fruits and vegetables during the winter months and it starts right now?  Your audience doesn’t want this to happen, so they take action to increase their consumption.  This happens in many ways, but juicing is among the most popular.


Right now your customers are frustrated because the busy fall season is upon them.  They have a desire to eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as maintain their weight during the holidays.

April Lemarr & Jennifer Magnesi have come up with a PLR bundle that will give you the opportunity to teach your audience all about this topic.  It is called Juicing PLR and what they’ve put in the package will boost your subscribers with an opt in report and then teach your audience all about what produce they should be getting with the email series.


Here is the complete package of the Juicing PLR:

-14 Page Report – 6 Reasons Why You Should Juice

6 sections, 1,746 words

Sections Include:

You Get More Nutrition From Your Juice
It Encourages You to Try New Fruits and Vegetables
You Can Lose Weight
Juicing Boosts Your Immune System
There Are No Rules For Juicing
It Becomes a Fun Family Activity

-5 Email Autoresponder Series – Benefits of Certain Fruits and Veggies

Benefits of Berries (420 words)
Benefits of Carrots (418 words)
Benefits of Kale (415 words)
Benefits of Brussels Sprouts (423 words)
Benefits of Apples (434 words)

-Opt In HTML 

Lead Magnet Page – HTML Opt In Page
Download / Thank You Page – HTML

-Report eCover

You’ll get .JPG and .PNG Format

-10 Product Reviews 


Black & Decker 30-Watt 34-Ounce Citrus Juicer (454 words)
Breville The Juice Fountain (428 words)
Breville Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor (423 words)
Omega Nutrition Center Juicer (425 words)
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor (424 words)

Juicing Books

Crazy, Sexy Juice (418 words)
Juicing For Beginners (407 words)
The Big Book of Juices (451 words)
The Juicing Bible (450 words)
The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing (415 wordS)

-2 Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Juicers (767 words)
Top 10 Juicing Books (793 words)

-Affiliate Programs & Product Recommendations

They also have a one time offer that will help you have your own product.  The OTO was made to help you with the whole process of creating a product.  You’ll get an email series to pre-sell the product, a 7 Day Juicing challenge with both blog posts and email autoresponder, recipe cards, a grocery list and a calendar that will help your participants.  


Here are all the parts to the Juicing Challenge PLR:

Juicing Challenge Main Product

-5 Part Email Pre-Sell Series

Benefits of Doing the Juicing Challenge (423 words)
What You Will Learn During the Challenge (442 words)
Tips For Getting Through the Challenge (427 words)
Possible Hiccups to Be Aware of (420 words)
Why You Should Keep a Journal Throughout the Challenge (394 words)

-8 Part Email Autoresponder Series (including intro)

Getting Started: What You Need For Juicing (511 words)
Day 1: Make Your First Juice (543 words)
Day 2: Add Greens You Have Never Tried (624 words)
Day 3: Try a Post-Workout Juice (450 words)
Day 4: Incorporate More Superfoods (503 words)
Day 5: Try an All-Vegetables Juice (536 words)
Day 6: Have a High-Energy Juice in the Morning (527 words)
Day 7: Create Your Own Juice Recipe (526 words)

Recipes Cards
Juice Recipe #1: Berry Apple Juice
Juice Recipe #2: Kale, Cucumber and Pineapple Juice
Juice Recipe #3: Grapefruit and Cucumber Fat-burning Juice
Juice Recipe #4: Superpower Berries and Kale Superfoods Juice
Juice Recipe #5: All-Vegetables Juice
Juice Recipe #6: Energy-Boosting Spinach, Apple, and Grapefruit Juice

-8 Blog Posts That Correspond With Email Series

Juicing VS Blending (418 words)
Tips and Tricks For Consuming More Fruits and Veggies (430 words)
Less Common Superfoods (437 words)
Ingredients to Add to Juice For Better Nutrition (407 words)
Fruits and Veggies to Naturally Detox Your Body (426 words)
Why You Should Cut Back on Sugar (475 words)
Natural Ways to Increase Your Energy (423 words)

-Grocery List

-Salespage (HTML minisite)
-Thank you / Download Page


As you can see $29 for the OTO is a small price to pay for all the content that has gone into this pack.  Instead of spending hundreds of hours researching, writing and formatting the content you’ll be able to make a few minor edits and get it up within hours of your purchase.

This content can be used to sell to your customers or give it to them for free there is no right way to do this, expect to get it up and offered to your customers as soon as possible.

Now is the time to offer juicing PLR to your customers because they are going to be stressed about the holidays and will want a way to help them eat more produce.  Those are two of the biggest concerns and this Juicing PLR Bundle addresses them both.



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