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Hello Marketers!

We all know that the health, diet and wellness industry is a HUGE niche. Making millions of dollars each year. In fact, the only other marketing space that surpasses it is beauty and anti-aging. According to Health & Wellness is the next trillion dollar industry. Holy Cow that is a lot of zeros.

When they talk about this they're lumping spending on things like gym memberships, spas, eating healthy and even drinking diet soda. They estimate globally, the Health & Wellness market space is dominated mostly by beauty and anti-aging product sales at $679 billion, followed by fitness and mind + body exercise ($390 billion) and health eating, nutrition and weight loss sales ($277 billion).

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As bloggers, coaches and small business owners we've got a lot on our plate to get your message out there. Social media posts, blog posts to write, products to create and emails to send. There is barely enough time think of blogging ideas let alone actually write about them all.

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Essential Oils are also a big seller and they would be a great product to promote with this Firesale bundle

Who We Are & Why We Put This Together For You!

This is a unique firesale because Jennifer Andersen (Health & Wellness PLR) and I (April Lemarr at Niche Starter Packs) have come together to provide high-quality pre-written content from both of our sites at one low price! This is evergreen content that in itself is valuable, but you get the opportunity to get content from two PLR Sellers who have combined their efforts to help you take your blog publishing to the next level and give you an unfair advantage.

Even if you've bought some of the pre-written bundles from either one of us before there is still value in purchasing it now because of the price we are offering it at. With this price you might be able to purchase two packs from one of our stores -- but here you're going to get over 59 pieces of content starting at $17!

There really is no limit to what you can do with all of these PLR packs​

Here's What Is In the Summer Drink PLR Firesale Bundle:

7-Page Report, "Lemon Water Report"

You'll get a report that is introducing people to the health benefit lemon water.

7-pages, Lemon Water PLR Report, 5 sections & 2,787 words

  • Health Benefits of Lemon Water
  • How to Make Lemon Water
  • What to Add to Your Lemon Water
  • Lemon Infused Water Recipes
  • Tips For Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Use this as an opt-in report to gain more subscribers, send it to your list as a bonus or combine it with another offer and put it up for sale.

You'll Get an eCover in JPEG Format

You'll Get the Report in Text & Word Format

Summer Drinks PLR Firesale (FE)